Suboxone® Treatment Can Help You!

Are you suffering from opioid dependency? Recovery Works Northwest in Portland, Oregon provides medically-assisted drug and alcohol treatment, focusing on recovery, relapse prevention, and a return to normalcy. We focus on physician-supervised Suboxone® treatment combined with counseling in an non-judgemental outpatient setting.  Let us help you get your life back!

& Affordable

More affordable than detox or residential treatment, our outpatient drug and alcohol program is often covered by insurance.  We offer comprehensive medical and psychological drug and alcohol treatment services at a fraction of the cost.  You CAN get better without disrupting your life for 30 days.  Call today and we can tell you if your insurance is accepted!

Customized Plans
for Each Individual

We have some of the top Suboxone doctors in Oregon, but not every individual situation is the same.  For some people Suboxone treatment is appropriate, for others Vivitrol is a better choice.  Some people may not require any medically-assisted treatment, only counseling.  We treat each and every case as its own and customize a plan that meets YOUR needs and that will set YOU up for success.

High Success Rate
for Patients

Our dual approach of using medication-assisted treatment (suboxone or vivitrol) and therapy helps you to break your dependency and prevent relapses. Detox and rehab is great for some people, but the rates of relapse within months and even days of discharge are undeniably high.  With suboxone and a slow taper program our patients have been more successful and more comfortable over the long haul.  If you need help but want to continue working and living your life, give us a call!

Flexible Schedules
& Availability

Our local, convenient location has flexible schedules and hours so you can seek treatment in a safe, supportive and positive environment. No need to check in to detox for 5 days or residential rehab for 30 days, we can help turn your life around in a matter of days.  We're even open on Saturdays!


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Most Insurance Plans Accepted

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And many more accepted! Please call (503) 906-9995 to see if you are covered.

Why Choose Recovery Works NW?

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependency is Our Expertise

Our first treatment goal is to establish a tapering strategy to lessen withdrawal symptoms, while providing immediate resources necessary to support your recovery.

  • Suboxone® (buprenorphine/naloxone)

  • Insurance accepted – more affordable than inpatient detox

  • Outpatient - office based treatment in a confidential setting

  • Individual and/or group therapy with our certified chemical dependency
    counselors and licensed behavioral health professionals

  • Flexible group schedules including evenings and Saturdays

  • Local, convenient treatment facility

Start Your Recovery

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A Word From Dr. Schwartz

Opioid Dependency is an epidemic, more and more physicians are starting to recognize their responsibility to try and help folks with this condition. I'm proud to be among them!