What Our Patients Say

If you want a doctor who will tell you what you need to hear, and not want to hear, then go to him. He will help you, but you have to want to help yourself! I give him TEN STARS! I appreciate him and his staff more then he will ever know.

The first group I attended, I didn’t want to go but understood that it was mandatory as a part of the program and when I did go found it very helpful to be amongst people that shared my experience, I felt motivated to attend after that.

After multiple attempts at other facilities, long waiting lists, non customized treatment and a traumatizing experience with a nearby clinic I was expecting some bumps in the process but I was pleasantly surprised thank you for making this process so accessible and for trusting me from the moment I walked in. You made me feel like a human A+ on compassion

I started using opiates actually in my late 20’s while in grad school for basically “energy” while working, going to school and helping with our son. Pretty sad I let it get so bad but I’ve been on a positive path to recovery. The Suboxone therapy in general has been the only way I’ve ever been able to stop using. I would quit and start using hundreds of times. I’ve not only learned why I turned to opiates, yet I’ve also learned how to recognize triggers and useful ways to manage external and internal stresses.

This is the best place to get continued help. I love the entire team including the new people they hire. They are always on my side, they never judge and they truly do care about the way I feel physically and mentally. Tammy is one of my favorites by far….so is Rick….and Alex, and Ben, and Brian….GEEZ it’s really just the whole crew there that are AMAZING.

I’ve been to a few other programs an recovery works NW is the best ive encountered by far. They are friendly understanding and a great team!!!

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